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Sounds like hype doesn’t it? It isn’t. The label doesn’t lie. ALTIUS Pre Workout Supplement is changing the pre-workout game completely, and frankly, you’ve never experienced a workout quite like one fueled by Altius. This pre-workout is PACKED with active ingredients based on real clinical studies, and the ingredients are dosed to match the studies. There isn’t a single product out there formulated nearly as potent as this. It’s also the best pre workout supplement on Amazon right now!

Moving forward – So what are the benefits of taking a pre-workout supplement? The answer ultimately falls into where your goals are at and where you want to go. There’s an obvious advantage in the gym to taking a pre-workout. You can train longer, harder, faster, and improve your recovery. If you’re a competitive athlete the more you can get out of your workouts, the better you will perform where it counts. You should take every little edge that you can get, including supplements.

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Your best option right now is to mix up your own pre-workout cocktail. Nothing on the market will translate into maximum benefit because they are all under dosed. Here is your recipe. **EDIT/UPDATE OCT 2014** We have found an amazing pre-workout formula with the below formula + more, and completely naturally sweetened. This is game changing!
– 8g Citrulline Malate
– 2.5g Betaine Anhydrous
-3-5g Creatine Monohydrate
-3g Beta-Alanine
-250mg-350 Caffeine
Literally you will make WAY more gains, WAY more progress, and have WAY better workouts if you follow the above stack.

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For those who claim to not take pre-workouts
This is becoming a sad popular trend. The Ro-Rah crew who avoid supplements, stimulants, etc. Guess what, in all likelyhood someone who wants to reach their goals a lot more than you do will end up kicking your butt in a supplement-fueled rage. On the other side it’s hard to blame athletes who avoid supplements due to the shadiness of many companies, especially drug tested athletes. For drug tested athletes be sure to look for products manufactured under NSF guidelines.

What are the best pre workout supplements?


When you are getting ready to build your pre workout stack, you want to make sure that the supplements you are choosing are the best – and the best that work together to deliver results you want. The core delivery stack should always have creatine, citrulline, beta alanine and caffeine – find out why these are the best pre workout supplement ingredients here. Here is a brief overview of why these supplements make the top of the list of the “must-haves” in your pre workout stack.


creatineMuch is made of creatine in the workout world and with good reason. It is best for pre and post workout stacks as it helps the body to recover and expend energy. By working to draw water to the muscle fiber and providing additional fuel sources, creatine helps you muscles to fight fatigue, increases your strength, improves endurance and is one of the most accepted bodybuilding supplements available today.


citrullinemalateThere are three dietary amino acids that the body needs, and l-citrulline is one of them. It is the only one that can be taken by itself. Not only has citrulline proven to be very effective in reducing cardiovascular and muscular fatigue, it also boosts the natural levels of ornithine and arginine (the other two dietary amino acids) in the body. Take the one and you get all three. Citrulline can deliver such a boost to your performance because helps the urea cycle to function. The urea cycle is what helps to manage PH levels and remove waste from the muscle to prevent you from getting tired.

Beta alanine

betaalBeta alanine is becoming one of the best pre workout supplements as more is beginning to be understood about how it works. It is a non-essential amino acid that is one of the building blocks for carnosine. Carnosine is what the body uses to produce muscle mass, and that can translate into an increase in size. What science now knows about beta alanine is that it assists in buffering acid in the muscle to control PH. This allows for more carnosine production, but it also serves to protect the muscle from ketosis under certain types of stress.


Caffeine is such a common supplement that it surprises many that it makes it onto the list for a pre workout stack. It is one of the most powerful drugs known to mankind. In doses as small as 90mg (about two cups of coffee) it will stimulate lipolysis and thermogenesis, plus it increases your heart rate and blood pressure – allowing you to get greater power. Need another reason to add it in? Caffeine is also an incredible appetite suppressant. It is easy to tolerate and flushes completely out of the system as well.

Putting it all together

Take a look at the research – 2015’s best pre-workout supplements are combined and taken about 40 minutes before you begin your routine. This will give your body the time it needs to metabolize the supplements and put them to work for you. After your workout, you should take just as much care with your post workout stack to increase growth and recovery times too.